Open Letter to Rev. Daniel Olukoya, Mountain of Fire Worldwide Ministries

Taiwo Omotosho Writes
Rev. Olukoya

Rev (Dr.) Daniel Olukoya - Mountain of Fire Worldwide

Dear Reverend (Dr.) Daniel K. Olukoya,
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ - The Redeemer of my soul. I am the only sister of the late Pastor Olugbenga Omotosho who was summoned to Lagos by you from his base. I am absolutely amazed by how you and your team have handled the issue of the sudden death of my beloved brother.

I cannot believe the ordeal that your team have put my family through, together with my chosen representatives. I always esteemed you highly, not only as a very educated man, but as a Man of God. I would appreciate it so much if you could personally provide me detailed information on the last four weeks of my late brother's life.

I would also like to know what transpired in the last two weeks of his life, especially since you summoned him to your headquarters in Lagos. I find it absolutely shocking that you did not fulfill the promise to call me while you were here in England this week. I understand that my brother's body is somewhere in Lagos and you are concerned about the financial aspect and spiritual aspect of the burial.

I will appreciate you contacting me directly to discuss your concerns with me.Your team has not been organised and has given conflicting information. I would like an independent autopsy performed on my brother's body. I would also appreciate that you respect my family's wishes. MFM HAS MADE IT CLEAR THAT IT IS TOO POOR TO PAY THE AIRLINE FARES FOR CARGOING HIS BODY HOME, etc.

Please kindly detail the terms of my brother's employment and service with your ministry. As far as I am concerned, my brother was overwhelmingly overworked in your organisation. He was on many occasions serving the ministry without being allowed to spend time with his family. It was even difficult for us to reach him on many occasions. A SIMPLE ONE MONTH HOLIDAY TO REST OVERSEAS AND EVEN HAVE A DOCTOR'S PRIVATE CHECK UP IN THE UNITED KINGDOM WAS TURNED DOWN BY YOUR ORGANISATION.

I  am demanding answers from you as the founder of the ministries because your team has been very uncooperative and uncaring, apart from a couple of pastors who went out of their ways to assist. I would like to thank you for not contacting me in London, even though you were just a few steps away. Also, I would like to thank Bimbo Fatasi, your MFM London Thamemead International Headquarters, for leaving a message that she was on holidays.

Thank you so much Rev (Prophet) Olukoya. 

Rev. (Dr.) Taiwo Omotosho


May God help us to put

May God help us to put matters in proper perspective. Since this is an international platform mrs omotosho should have kept the matter pritate and let the soldier (her brother) rest in peace. We must never find ourselves speaking without all the facts. Amen

your post Open Letter to Rev.

your post Open Letter to Rev. Daniel Olukoya, Mountain of Fire Worldwide Ministries | AfricaUNdisguisED look interesting and i have tweet it to my friends.

I'm responding to your mail

I'm responding to your mail rather late... Please be advised that very little of what Dr. Taiwo Omotosho has stated is quite true! I don't know where she got her facts from; I got mine from both her parents, and they are a total departure from all's she's claimed. I do not believe that she is unaware of the facts; because if I know them, then she should, too. I am not at liberty to divulge some of the things I'm privy to. I would not also condescend to responding directly to Taiwo. But, I'm highly disappointed in the way she has expressed herself, especially as I've heard glowing reports about her from her father, who is always proud of her accomplishments...And, Sir, why would you tweet friends with information that are not easily verifiable, written with obvious sentiments and an underlying libellous intent? I wouldn't....Have a blessed weekend and remain blessed...Ms. Idowu TOKUNBOH

What type of church is this?

What type of church is this? I'm I dreaming? Wat kind of church behaves this way to someone? Did anymember of the church actually threaten to sue this woman? If I was looking for a church, I won't go to a church like this for any reason.

Na wah for this Mountain of

Na wah for this Mountain of Fire people o. How could anybody be a member of a church that sues a woman who's brother died? You no get compassion. Your leader should be really mad at the dumb members who commented on behalf of the church. Dont you have a public relations department in your church. I cant believe there is still a dumbass church like this. As someone suggested already, do the right thing and get this over with. Otherwise your church will be really messed up by the time you finish your ill-advised court case. Idiots!

Instead of doing the right

Instead of doing the right thing this church people are making a mockery of themselves. They should have visited the woman and reconcile with her. Instead they want to sue. I'm sure the public will be angry with the church.

Shame on those who posted

Shame on those who posted comments on behalf of the MFM. If I didn't believe what Rev. Omotosho said in her letter, your actions have made me believe. What kind of church behaves like your's? You are a group of heartless cult members. How could a church threaten a legal action against someone who just lost her only brother, simply because she wrote a leter to express her pains? I am sure that Jesus Christ is ashamed of you people. We discussed your church's issue at a gathering of African professionals in the United States this evening. Let me advise you that we shall mount a serious international opposition against your church if you dare go beyond this petty level of harrassing a bereaved woman. You are too petty and lack mercy. I can never attend a church like this. Shame on all of you.

I'm a member of MFM & I'm

I'm a member of MFM & I'm used to Port Harcourt Lagos & Abuja Regions. I know the deceased & his parents. He was one of the newly promoted AROs & his region is in Port Harcourt. He has always been an asthmatic patient and goes about with his drugs. After attending a 3-day introductory course for the AROs in Lagos, he went home to spend the weekend with his parents in LAGOS. He got ready for the airport on Monday morning & slumped in the living room of his parents. His parents were witnesses to his death at home. HE DID NOT DIE IN THE CHURCH AS REPORTED BY REV (DR) TAIWO OMOTOSHO. Members of MFM have been visiting the family since the incident. The family requested that he should be buried in his station in Port Harcourt instead of Lagos. The church had given approval that all expenses for his burial, including transportation to Port Harcourt by air will be borne by the ministry. I CAN CONFIRM THAT THE PARENTS OF REV TAIWO OMOTOSHO DO NOT SUPPORT THE PUBLICATION & HAVE DISSOCIATED THEMSELVES FROM IT. This is a tragic occurrence & knowing the gentle nature of this pastor, the publication by his sister is a complete dis-service to this humble Man of God. EDITOR'S NOTE: Africaundisguised expected whoever responded to Reverend Omotosho's letter on behalf of the Mountain of Fire Ministries to have provided his/her name.

May God help us to put

May God help us to put matters in proper perspective. Since this is an international platform Mrs omotosho should have kept the matter pritate and let the soldier (her brother) rest in peace. We must never find ourselves speaking without all the facts. Amen



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